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Noninvasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Devices

Noninvasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Devices There’s more than one way to test your blood sugar, and not all require pricking your finger. There are many noninvasive blood sugar monitoring devices that are being researched and may soon be available. This article contains a list of noninvasive blood sugar monitoring devices currently in development. Technology Technologies […]

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How exercise affects blood sugar

Exercise affects blood sugar so it is important to know how to monitor your glucose levels during workouts. Factors affecting blood glucose during exercise include insulin levels, training status, intensity, and duration. Insulin level Blood insulin determines how much carbohydrate and fat can be used as fuel. The right insulin level prevents fuel delivery problems. […]

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The glycemic index and glycemic load

The glycemic index The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrate foods against glucose, based on how quickly they affect blood glucose levels. Glucose is given a value of 100, and other foods are ranked relative to this. The relative ranking is unlikely to change over time, but it may vary somewhat in daily use. The effect […]

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