10 Reasons People Sell Strips for More

Sell Your Strips for More purchases diabetic test strips and supplies. Here are the most common reasons why people sell diabetic test strips to Sell Your Strips for More:

1. “I have more diabetic supplies than I need and do not want them to go to waste.”
2. “I switched meters and no longer use this brand of test strips.”
3. “I have left over diabetic supplies from when I had gestational diabetes.”
4. “I have better control of my diabetes and do not need to test as often.”
5. “The pharmacy filled the wrong brand of test strips and will not let me return them.”
6.  “A family member with diabetes passed away and has left behind unused diabetic supplies.”
7. “I purchased the incorrect test strips and the store will not let me return them.”
8. “I had Type I diabetes, but received a transplant and no longer need my diabetic testing supplies.”
9. “I have a continuous glucose monitor and do not need to test as often.”
10. “These test strips were given to me by a diabetes representative as a promotional gift and I want to sell them.”


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