Affordable Care Act – Not so Affordable for Mature Adults

I have been paying $522.22 per month for my health insurance since I was kicked off my parents’ insurance last year. Needless to say, when the marketplace opened I was quick to sign up for a more affordable plan. For me, the Affordable Care Act was a historical event. I was no longer being discriminated against for having Type 1 diabetes—I had the freedom to choose the plan that was right for me. I enrolled in a Platinum Plan for less than half the cost of my current plan. This plan will supposedly cover 90% of my healthcare expenses, with a maximum out of pocket expense of $1100. To me, that is very affordable.

After my successful enrollment I stopped by my dad’s house to see if he needed help finding a new healthcare plan. He was losing his current plan because it did not meet the minimum coverage requirements set forth by the ACA. I told him not to worry since the plans were so cheap. I did not, however, take into account his age. His premium for a plan comparable to mine was a little over $700/month. The opposite of affordable. He ended up settling for a silver plan that will cost around $400/month plus copays. Unlike me, my dad will not be saving any money on health insurance, in fact, the ACA will probably increase his healthcare costs.

For older adults, like my dad, the Affordable Care Act is all but affordable. Because of the high premiums, some adults will be limited on the coverage they receive. Folks with chronic conditions, like diabetes, can expect to see an increase in their cost of care.

Despite the drastic changes to our healthcare system, there will still be people that will not have access to affordable healthcare. Sell Your Strips for More wants to make sure that everyone can afford their diabetic testing supplies so we will continue to assist those who will not benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

Thank you to our Sellers and Donors for your continued support!

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