Best place to sell test strips is the best place to sell test strips. We pay the highest prices, have the best expiration policy, and provide free shipping to our warehouse! We pay within 24 hours of receiving your test strips! We can pay you immediately through PayPal or mail you a check.

You may find other sites that claim to be the best place to sell test strips, but upon further investigation you’ll find they fall short in other areas:

  • they require expiration dates a year out
  • they require a minimum number of boxes to provide free shipping
  • they provide no free shipping
  • they heavily discount boxes with minor damage
  • they pay less than advertised
  • they resell your test strips to corporations and not to people in need is a family-owned and operated business, located in the heart of the Midwest. People from all over the country sell test strips to us. When you choose to sell test strips to us, you’re selling to a trusted business with a history of making customers happy. We are here to provide a beneficial service to diabetics with extra supplies.

Our family is affected by diabetes, like anyone who sells test strips on our website. Diabetes came hard and quick to our family, with an occurrence of ketoacidosis and a Type 1 diagnosis during medical school entrance exams. When our insurance wouldn’t pay for the test strips we needed, we were lucky to have a few extras on hand.

Since we know what life is like with diabetes, we treat all of our customers like family. We help in any way we can, whether we’re directing people to resources or helping them find affordable diabetic supplies. We have even donated test strips in some cases.

The best place to sell test strips is

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