Diabetes is an incredibly common disease, 1 in 4 Americans will be diagnosed at some point in their life. Whether you suffer from diabetes or not, it is important that you take the time to inform yourself about the disease.

General Diabetes Information

American Diabetes Association – This website covers topics including: basic information, food and fitness, advocating, and news and research. Sections of the site allow you to connect with others and donate to help stop this disease.

Stop Diabetes – An advocacy program for diabetics created by the ADA. The goal of the organization is get people to take actions to stop the disease. The site also aims to increases awareness.

American Association of Diabetes Educators – An association for educators. They focus on training educators in general diabetes education. They information on professional resources, policy and advocacy.  They offer publications, concepts courses, live webinars, recorded webinars, print supplements, online resources, and online courses to members. Membership fees range from $50-$165 annually.

Diabetes Daily – Basic information including articles, recipes, forums, blogs, diabetes news, free cookbooks, financial resources, low carb menus and many management tools at no cost.

Diabetic Living – This is an online version of the popular Diabetic Forecast magazine. This site provides recipes, articles, weight loss tips, information for the newly diagnosed, and tips for managing your condition, controlling blood sugar, preparing for doctor visits, managing medications, and much more. They also have free downloads and tools.

World Health Organization Fact Sheet – Includes basic information, common consequences, economic impact, diagnosis, key facts, news, multimedia, fact sheets, events,  publications, data, and helpful links.

International Diabetes Federation –  Focuses on advocacy, awareness, education, epidemiology and prevention, essential care, guidelines, health economics, translational research, women and diabetes.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases – Government funded program offers basic and clinical research on diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases.

Taking Control of Your Diabetes – Information on healthy eating, exercise, and disease management. Lists events for diabetics and events for medical professionals.

Buy Diabetic Supplies

Glucomart – Glucomart has cheap diabetic supplies for low-income diabetics. You can save up to 90% off retail prices when you shop at Glucomart.

Amazon – Amazon has diabetic supplies available for around 50% of retail costs.

Diabetic Recipes

Diabetic Gourmet – Includes thousands of diabetic recipes perfect for those of you watching your blood sugar. The site includes information on food and dining, healthy living, diabetic communities, diabetes resources, diabetic promotions, diabetic news, and diabetes subscriptions.

Diabetic Recipes – Here you can find tons of free diabetic recipes from award winning cookbooks. They also have information on daily living with diabetes, basics, newly diagnosed, exercise, and more. You can also connect with others on their diabetic blog.

All Recipes – All recipes has a ton of delicious diabetic recipes as well as recipes for other special diets.

Children and Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – JDRF is the leading global funder of T1D research. Their goal is to remove the impact of T1D from peoples lives. They have local chapters where you can meet other diabetics.

Children with Diabetes – Online community for parent, children, adults, and families dealing with T1D. The site includes: chats, forums, conferences, ask the diabetes team, interactive diabetes polls, care suggestions, dealing with diabetes at school, and diabetes news.

Diabetic Recipes for Kids – Great recipes for children with diabetes. This site provides free healthy recipes (with photos) for children. There are several easy to make treats that your diabetic child will love.

Diabetic Communities

dLife – This is one of the largest diabetic communities on the internet. It also includes tons of information about diabetes. Here you can connect with others through forums, learn about diabetes, read articles geared towards people with all types of diabetes, watch dLife TV (a show dedicated to diabetes), get tips on healthy eating, fitness, and much more.

Diabetes and Eye Health

National Eye Health Education Program – Government funded program offering educational information about eye health. There is a section on eye care with diabetes. They offer a Diabetes and Healthy Eyes ToolKit that can be ordered or downloaded.

Kidney Disease and Diabetes

National Kidney Disease Education Program – Government funded site focusing on kidney disease awareness, education and advocacy. A section of the site is dedicated to diabetes and kidney disease. Improve the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

Diabetes Tools, PDFs, and Freebies

Calorie and Carb Counter Drink Guide – Calorie and Carbohydrate information for popular beverages. Drinks are organized in categories including: milk, juice and tea, coffee, wine, beer, coolers, and cocktails. Generic listings are averages of multiple brands. Brand specific listings are based on manufacturer information.

10 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar – Provides 10 strategies for lowering your blood sugar. This information is geared towards people with T2D, but some information is useful for all types.

Sugar Substitutes Mini Cookbook for Diabetic Desserts – Enjoy diabetic desserts that use sugar substitutes instead of real sugar. Includes recipes for cupcakes and cookies. Having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert.

Take Control! Diabetes Workbook – Take control of your condition with this helpful workbook full of resources and tools. This workbook provides the tools you need to live life to the fullest including: resources to record your numbers and keep track of target goals, information on how to start a food journal or create a shopping list, how to make healthy choices, charts to keep track of medications, meal plans, exercise logs, and more.

Financial Resources

Medicaid – Government funded medical care. If you are diabetic, but can not afford health insurance, Medicare may be able to help you afford your medication and testing supplies.

Glucomart – Glucomart provides cheap diabetic supplies for diabetics in need. Save over 90% when you buy diabetic supplies at Glucomart.

Diabetes and Other Diseases

Arthritis Foundation – Even though arthritis and diabetes are not directly related, arthritis is often found in diabetics. This site discusses the commonalities between these diseases and provides information about the common type of arthritis found in diabetics.

Clinical Trials

Diabetes Clinical Trials – Find a variety of clinical trials on diabetes in your area. Participating in clinical trials is a great way to help others while experiencing cutting-edge treatments.

Physical Activity and Diabetes

National Association for Health and Fitness – Exercise is very important for people with diabetes. Research has shown that exercise lowers HbA1C. This site offers information on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Other Helpful Links

Food and Drug Administration – This site lists approved food and medication products. It also has information on recalls involving food and medication. This is a good resource to find out if there is an active recall on your test strips, glucose meter, or anti-diabetic medication.  

Recognized Clinician Directory – Find doctors who have demonstrated that they meet the standards of care.

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