Stop Waste, Please Donate Test Strips Instead of Throwing them Away

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Stop Waste, Please Donate Test Strips Instead of Throwing them Away

When you donate test strips, we can help more people

Donate test strips

When you donate test strips we get them to people in need right away at no cost to them. Donated test strips may also be used at screening fairs to help determine if someone has diabetes. We do screening fairs once a year and also provide a service where people can come to our office for a free glucose test if they think they may have diabetes. You can also donate expired test strips. Don’t worry, we put them to good use too. The expired test strips you donate will be given to the Pet Diabetes Program or the Diabetes Art Center. These are wonderful programs that help support both humans and animals with diabetes.

Donate Test Strips to The Pet Diabetes Program if they have been expired less than 1 year

Pet Diabetes Program

It is not only people that are affected by diabetes, but animals can get diabetes too. Treating diabetes in an animal is just as costly as treating it in a human. Since most pets do not have health insurance their owners must pay out of pocket for their testing supplies and medication. Many owners do not test their pets regularly because of the costs associated with it. This leads to poor control and increases the risk of diabetic complications.

We donate test strips that have been expired for less than a year to families with a diabetic pet. These test strips provide enough accuracy to monitor the condition of the pets. Control solution is also provided at no cost to ensure that the results are accurate. This program has improved the lives of several diabetic pets who would have otherwise suffered from poorly controlled diabetes.

The Diabetes Art Center gets expired test strips that have been expired for more than 1 year

Diabetes Art Center

Expired test strips that have been expired for more than one year are donated to the Diabetes Art Center. Diabetic artists of all ages create masterpieces made of old diabetic supplies and The Diabetes Art Center auctions them off to the highest bidder. Many buyers of these art pieces are endocrinologists so if you see a beautiful diabetic masterpiece at your endocrinologist’s office, it probably came from the Diabetic Art Center.

All proceeds from the auctions go to help the uninsured or underinsured diabetics pay for their medications and diabetes testing supplies. This is a great way to recycle those expired test strips and help out a diabetic in need.

How Do I Donate Test Strips?

To donate test strips or other diabetic supplies you can simply box them up and tape our shipping label on the box (Print a Prepaid Shipping Label). Make sure you place a piece of paper in the box that says “donation” so we know it is a donation. Once your package arrives we will get it into the hands of someone that needs it.

Please Don’t Send These Items for Donation

If you are sending meters we do ask that you don’t send the instruction booklets unless the meter is in a sealed box, this adds a lot of weight to the package and we have online access to instruction booklets. We also ask that you never send in loose lancets or any type of needle that could become exposed during shipping. This could be a hazard to the mail carrier or our staff.

We greatly appreciate any supplies you are able to donate, it enables us to help more people. We currently have over 200 people just in our surrounding community, and over 800 nationwide, that depend on your generous donations each month. So please don’t throw away those needed diabetic supplies.


7 Responses

  1. Steve Erickson says:

    I have alot of expired test strips and lancets. Who can i contact to sell them too?

    • SYSFM says:

      You can not sell expired supplies, but you can donate them. If you chose to donate them to us they will either be used for testing pets with diabetes or if they are expired over a year they will be used for the diabetic art program.

  2. Jen Eisenmann says:

    I have expired diabetes test strips. Should I have you send me a mailing form? I know I won’t get any money for them but I would like to donate them.

  3. Brenda Dexter says:

    I have a lot of test strips that have expired, and I would like to donate them to you. I would like a shipping label for the box. Thank You.

  4. Cynthia B. Mendoza says:

    Please provide me a shipping label via e-mail to ship you six unopened, “Unistrip Generic Blood Glucose Test Strips – expired 06-06-2019. Thank you.

  5. mel agustin says:

    i do not have a printer to generate the prepaid shipping label, how will i proceed donating my test strips?

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