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How to Sell Diabetic Supplies Online

You can sell diabetic supplies online using our automated selling platform or you can fill out our selling form. If you do not have a printer you can use our automated selling platform to sell your supplies then include your invoice number inside your package. Or we can mail you our Shipping Label and Selling Form to you.

Quick Overview of the Process–Selling your diabetic supplies is as easy as 1-2-3!

Sell Your Strips for More

No Catches, No hidden fees, No Gimmicks

Other Companies

Sell Your Strips for More

Claim to pay the most, but when you read their fine print they only pay those prices for items in perfect conditions, with more than 12 months until expiration, and in retail packaging. In fact, 70% of sellers get less than 50% of what they were initially quoted by these companies. We pay the most with no hidden price deductions. As long as the items you sell have at least 4 months until expiration and are factory sealed we guarantee the quoted price. We do not discount damaged boxes, mail order boxes, or supplies with less than a year until expiration.
Claim to offer free shipping, but will only reimburse your shipping up to a certain amount. If you go over their set amount you are responsible for the cost. We offer free shipping with our prepaid shipping label. No strings attached. All you have to do is print out the label and tape it to your package.
Several companies require you to get a quote. They do this so they can lower their prices if you are not sending a large quantity of test strips, if the test strips expire too soon, or if the boxes are in less than perfect condition. We are proud of our high buyback prices, that is why we list them on our website. We do not lower prices based on the quantity of boxes you are selling, box conditions, or expiration date. What you see on our website is what we pay!
Most companies buy only test strips and lancets. We buy most diabetic supplies including test strips, lancets, control solutions, insulin management equipment, and much more. If you can’t find what you want to sell on our site, contact us for a quote.
Many companies claim to be in the business of helping people with diabetes, but in reality they are in the business of making money. In fact, most of these companies do not have anyone on their staff that knows what it is like to have diabetes. Sell Your Strips for More was actually founded by a Type 1 diabetic who knows what it is like to struggle to afford the cost of diabetes. We understand that even diabetics with insurance struggle to afford healthcare which is why we offer high prices on extra supplies to help offset these costs.

Using the Automated Selling Platform

Simply add the items you want to sell to your shipment and click “Complete Shipment”. You will be asked some basic information like name, address, email, etc. Next, you will choose how you want to be paid. Once you have confirmed your shipment you can prepare your items for shipping. Place your supplies in a box and mail them to us using our prepaid shipping label. Print your invoice or write your order number on a piece of paper and place it on top of the items in your package.

Print our prepaid shipping label and tape it to the outside of your package. Take your package to the post office or have your postal carrier pick it up.

Using our Printable Selling Form

If you would like to bypass our automated selling platform you can print our selling form and send it in with your supplies.  There are easy to follow instructions on the form. Please note that you DO NOT need to contact us prior to shipping your package.

Don’t Have a Printer? Don’t Worry…Request a Shipping Label and Selling Form!
Mail me a Shipping Label and Selling Form

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