Is it illegal to sell test strips?

Under most circumstances it is 100% legal to sell diabetic test strips online. There are, however, a few cases in which selling your test strips would be illegal.

  1. If Medicaid or Medicare pays for your diabetic supplies it is against the law for you to sell them.  People on Medicaid and Medicare get their diabetic testing supplies paid for by the government so they can not be sold. To identify if your test strips were paid for by the government there will be a red strip on the box indicating that it has been paid for by Medicaid or Medicare.
  2. You can not sell expired, used test strips, or test strips that have been tampered with. Any test strip that has been compromised and can not be safely used can not be sold.
  3. It is illegal to sell items that are not rightfully yours. You can not sell stolen diabetic supplies.

If you have legally acquired your test strips by purchasing them (even if they were prescribed) or if  you acquired the test strips as a gift, you can legally sell them as long as they have not expired or been tampered with.

All items listed above can be legally donated.

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