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This was my first time using this company to sell test strips. I had no problems. They were quick and I got my payment no problem.

This company is straightforward about what they pay. I used to send to another company and they paid me between $8 - $18 per box, they stated they paid $18/box but they always found a minor scratch or ding and would deduct money. Sell your strips for more pays $15/box no matter what the condition is. They are honest and pay what you expect. I like that because I know I can count on my full payment getting sent.

by Debbie Chin on Sell Your Strips for More

Thanks for helping us after our dad passed. We were short on funds and we really appreciate you working with us.

by Don Reed Jr on Sell Your Strips for More

Great communication. Told me when my package got in and when my payment was coming. Ill sale to them again. Good company.

OMG! I can't believe this is legit. It took only 1week for me to get paid and it was exactly as much as they said. I am very happy with this company. I will definitely be sending out more asap. I got over 350$ I'm still shocked

My first shipment was handled quickly and successfully. I received my money into my PayPal account very fast. I just sent in my second shipment. This is the only company I have used to sell my supplies. I look forward to sending them more supplies as 2018 moves on. Sell with confidence.

Got paid what was stated on the website. I have no complaints.

Amost sold to cash now offer which is a company that basically steals from people and their Better Business Bureau rating is F, so glad I sold it to this company. Will do business with them again I texted and they got right back to me. Thank you!

I was recently scammed by Cash Now Offer and they stole over $300 of test strips from me. Sell Your Strips for More has been good to me. Cash now offer is a scam and I wish I would have read the reviews before I sent in my stuff. It took them 8 weeks to send a check and when they did send the check it bounced. Sell Your Strips for More is an honest company. The lady I talked to was really friendly and told me that they had a lot of people complain about cash now offer and that they would price match the scam site that time even though it was not a real company so they could help get me back on my feet. I almost lost my apartment because of cash now offer because i was counting on that money. I plan on reporting that scam site to the BBB. I will forever be loyal to Sell Your Strip for More the lady sounded like she genuinely cared about helping me. My payment came quickly and the check didn't bounce. I am very grateful to them.

by Ginger Weatherby on Sell Your Strips for More

Excellent service. Very fast payment and response to questions. Price matching guarantee was kept and super cute, user friendly website. Thank you so much!

Excellent service! I am using again!

by Damon Miller on Sell Your Strips for More

My new go to place for selling my unused test strips. Mailed them on Friday got paid via paypal the following Wednesday. Sell your strips for more pays much better than any other companies I have used before

Transferred my money through Western Union same day and everything went smoothly. I will sell more when I get extras.

by Megan Rand on Sell Your Strips for More

I love the prepayment option. Thanks for adding it.

Sell Your Strips for More was there for me when Medicaid wasn't. Thanks for the test strips.

by Tiffany Neardon on Sell Your Strips for More

I've done business with Sell Your Strips for More many times and I couldn't be happier.

by Maria Hernandez on Sell Your Strips for More

Sell Your Strips for More donated test strips to my diabetic son. I am very happy. We could not afford them.

by Blessed M. Tracy on Sell Your Strips for More

Sell Your Strips for More is the best. I was getting ripped off by another company and Sell Your Strips for More gave my 3 times more money. Don't waste your time with any other company.

by Leslie Milborn on Sell Your Strips for More

I saw this company on tv and thought I would give it a try. I sold my deceased mother's unused test strips. I didn't even know this sort of thing existed. Thanks.

by Terrance Black Jr. on Sell Your Strips for More

Good company. Sold the strips for my old meter instead of throwing them out.

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