Rising Cost of Insulin

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Rising Cost of Insulin

The cost of insulin is causing diabetics to panic. With 25% of the American population having some form of diabetes, the cost of insulin is alarming. Some diabetics reduce their insulin intake. Others buy insulin off the street.There needs to be regulation for giant money-hungry pharmaceutical companies.While big pharma is lining their pockets, diabetics are suffering. When someone does not get enough insulin, their blood sugar rises. When blood sugar rises, life-threatening complications can occur.

The Cost of Insulin is Skyrocketing

Diabetes affects every system in the body. When it is not controlled, it’s debilitating. The most common complications of uncontrolled diabetes are loss of eyesight and loss of limbs. When someone loses their eyesight it makes it difficult to work. When a day laborer loses their leg, guess what? They can’t work. These people go on disability.Tax payers are now taking care of these people while big pharma gets tax breaks! That’s not right. In fact, it’s disgusting. There needs to be regulation. Even our long awaited generic insulin comes with a hefty price tag.

What are people supposed to do?

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