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Sell Your Strips for More is a nationally recognized diabetic supply recovery program. We are committed to helping uninsured and underinsured diabetics afford the testing equipment and supplies they need to stay alive. At SellYourStripsForMore.com you can sell diabetic test strips, lancets, and other diabetic testing supplies and equipment. You can sell or donate a wide range of supplies, including: glucose test strips, ketone test strips, lancets, control solutions, insulin management equipment, and much more. We rely on our sellers and donors to provide diabetic supplies to over 1,000 diabetics each month. Your donations also help us continue to provide diabetic screening services to those in need.

We offer several options for you to sell diabetic test strips and supplies to diabetics in need. The process is quick and easy when you use our automated selling platform or printable selling form. With most companies you can only sell diabetic test strips, but Sell Your strips for More accepts a wide range of diabetic supplies. We also pay an average of 30% more than our competitors, with a seller return rate of 70%.

Sell Your Strips for More greatly values the sellers and donors that have been the backbone of our organization. We promise to provide you with competitive compensation and quick transactions–we guarantee disbursement of your payment within 24 hours of receiving your package. When you sell diabetic test strips to Sell Your Strips for More you don’t have to worry about not getting paid.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in California, New York, or Florida, you can sell diabetic test strips and other diabetic supplies from anywhere in the United States. Sell Your Strips for More is based in Kansas, but we provide a prepaid shipping label on our website so you can ship your diabetic supplies to us at no cost. If you don’t have a printer that’s okay, we can reimburse your shipping costs or we can send you a shipping label and selling form through the mail.

Sell Your Strips for More is a proud supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. Each year we proudly sponsor our founder and several of our clients in their walk to cure diabetes. We also participate in a crisis prevention program that educates diabetics on the importance of managing their condition so they can avoid serious health complications.

We have just recently started accepting donations of expired test strips—these test strips will go to diabetic pets and to The Diabetes Art Center. Treating diabetes in an animal is just as costly as treating it in a human. Since most pets do not have health insurance their owners must pay out of pocket for their testing supplies and medication. We supply test strips that have been expired for less than a year to families with a diabetic pet. Control solution is also provided to ensure that the results are accurate. This program has improved the lives of several diabetic pets who would have otherwise suffered from poorly controlled diabetes. Test strips that have been expired for more than one year go to the Diabetes Art Center. Diabetic artists of all ages create masterpieces made of old diabetic supplies to be put on display at The Diabetes Art Center. The goal of The Diabetes Art Center is to create awareness about diabetes and to give people with diabetes a creative way to express themselves. This is a great way to recycle those expired diabetic test strips.

When you sell diabetic test strips and supplies to Sell Your Strips for More you can feel confident that your information will be kept secure. Our organization keeps your personal information confidential. We guarantee any personal information you provide us on our website, on the phone, or through the mail will be kept confidential.

About Our Founder – The History Behind Sell Your Strips for More

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and hyperthyroidism when I was 25. At the time of my diagnosis I was finishing up my degree in chemistry and working part-time for the government researching endocrine disruptors. Ironically, my research revolved around protecting people from toxins that triggered autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease. Despite my vast knowledge of these two diseases, I was lost when it came to managing them.

Having hyperthyroidism complicated the diabetes. No matter what I did, I could not control my blood sugar. I was just about to turn 26, which meant I was going to get kicked off my parents’ health insurance. Before my 26th birthday, I went through two rounds of radiation in an attempt to destroy my thyroid. When that didn’t work, my doctor decided it was time to remove it. With one week of health insurance left, I underwent a total thyroidectomy. This left me in a vulnerable situation. I had no health insurance, no way to pay for my diabetic supplies, insulin, or thyroid medication, and a part-time job that did not offer health insurance coverage.

I called one insurance company after another begging for coverage, but every company gave me the same answer, “I’m sorry we can’t insure you because you have diabetes, have you tried getting group coverage through your job?” Group coverage is insurance that covers a group of people, typically a group of employees. The idea behind group coverage is that most group members are healthy and their premiums will cover healthcare costs of members with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, I was a student employee which meant I did not qualify for group coverage.

For several months I sold my belongings to pay for my medical costs. While I got some assistance from an organization that helped people without insurance, the quality of care was low and they did not have the funds to help pay for medications or testing supplies. I was given phone numbers of places that might be able to assist me, but they just gave me an excuse why they couldn’t help, then forwarded me on to other organizations with depleted funds. I was at a dead end. I started selling my test strips to pay for my insulin, but the company I sold my test strips to took advantage of me so I only got a fraction of what the test strips were worth.

After 6 months of pawning my belongings to pay for medication, my employer was able to convert me to a position with benefits. I was relieved to find out that I would finally be getting health insurance again. Unfortunately, the best they could do was offer me a policy that cost $550/month. I was making around $20,000 a year and a lot of my salary went to rent and tuition. Despite my tight budget I decided to take the health insurance, but I soon found myself in the same situation. I could not afford my copays and now that I had health insurance I was ineligible for assistance programs I had previously qualified for. Over the next year I grew further into debt, and my once promising future had turned into one of poverty and poor health.

Sell Your Strips for More started as me begging other diabetics to sell me their extra supplies so I could afford to manage my condition. When I bought enough supplies for myself I began helping other needy diabetics afford their supplies. The organization quickly grew into a nationally recognized diabetic supply recovery program. One thing that sets Sell Your Strips for More apart from other diabetic supply buyers is that we offer significantly more money for diabetic supplies because we know that the cost of diabetes is high even for people with access to health insurance. The money our sellers earn often goes towards hospital bills or paying for other medications.

We are a trustworthy organization that has helped thousands of people with diabetes. We are successful because our sellers trust that we will provide them with the highest payouts and quickest payments. It is no wonder that we are the #1 company for diabetic supply recovery with the highest rate of returning sellers.

We encourage you tolearn more about our program and how your extra diabetic supplies can put money in your pocket and help other diabetics in need. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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