Sell diabetic testing supplies from anywhere in the United States!

Sell extra diabetic testing supplies from anywhere in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re in California, New York, or Florida, we buy test strips and other diabetic supplies from people all over the United States. Sell Your Strips for More is based in Kansas, but we provide a prepaid shipping label on our website so folks can ship their extra diabetic supplies to us at no cost. We are an accredited business with a 5-Star rating.

If you don’t have a printer that’s okay, we can reimburse your shipping costs or send you a prepaid shipping label.

When you use our prepaid shipping label your package will be sent through priority mail which takes roughly between 2 to 5 days depending on your location (The closer you are to Kansas the quicker it will get to our warehouse). If you would like to track your package simply go to the post office and ask them for a tracking number (USPS tracking is free when you use our prepaid shipping label). Once we get your package we guarantee payment will be sent within 24 hours.

Sell Your Strips for More provides free shipping as a convenience to our sellers. Please help us continue to offer free shipping by following our shipping guidelines.

-If you’re sending lancets please make sure that the boxes are sealed. Due to strict safety regulations we are required to dispose of unsealed boxes of lancets.

-Please only send the following brands of lancets: OneTouch, Bayer, FreeStyle, and Accu-Chek. Lancets are very costly to ship so we only accept brands that are in high demand.

-If you are donating used meters please only send the meter, meter case, and lancing device. Do not send instruction booklets or opened boxes.

-Please note that we do not purchase expired test strips. We will accept them as donations.

Thank you for using Sell Your Strips for More. And please remember, if you have extra diabetic supplies don’t let them go to waste, there is always someone in need. Sell your diabetic test strips today.

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