Sell test strips, help diabetics in need

Why sell test strips to us?

When you sell test strips to our company you not only make money, but you help someone in need. Some people are hesitant to sell test strips online because they do not understand where their test strips go or if they will even be paid. All of the test strips our organization purchases are provided uninsured/underinsured diabeticsĀ at greatly reduced prices. We also provide screening services to those who are at risk for diabetes. Sell Your Strips for More is national leader in test strip recovery. We have a high seller return rate and no negative feedback. You can feel confident that when you sell test strips to us, you will get paid.

Who needs your help?

We were hopeful that the expansion of affordable health insurance would reduce the number of people we serve, but unfortunately we have seen an increase in diabetics needing assistance. Insurance companies and Medicaid/Medicare have tightened restrictions on the number of test strips diabetics receive per month, with some companies limiting folks to just three test strips per day. For most diabetics, especially those on insulin, this limit is unacceptable. It leads to poor control and increases the likelihood of complications. It leaves no room for error (we all experience error codes from time to time) and if you want to use a control test to check the accuracy of your meter you must give up one of those precious three tests a day. Not only has there been a decrease in the number of test strips dispensed, there has been an increase in copays. One of our clients recently lost her health plan through her employer and was forced to purchase insurance through the marketplace. While she saved $50/month on the premium, the cost of her supplies tripled. Her new insurance also requires her to use a cheaper test strips that can only be used on a talking meter. She is embarrassed to use the meter in public so sometimes she skips testing. We were able to help this fellow diabetic afford more accurate test stirps and a meter that does not annouce her blood sugar. This is only possible because people like you sell test strips to our organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to sell test strips or other diabetic supplies.

Sell test strips

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