3 Easy Steps to Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Our goal is to purchase diabetic supplies that would otherwise go to waste and make them available to diabetics in need. Please do not sell supplies that you need. By using SellYourStripsforMore.com, you agree to these Terms.

1. I can only sell my diabetic supplies that are factory sealed and are not expired.

2. I understand if I send supplies with 1-3 months until expiration I will receive a partial payment of 25% of the full payment. Items with less than 1 month until expiration will be donated and I will not receive compensation.

3. I am the rightful owner or have been given permission by the rightful owner to sell diabetes test strips to SellYourStripsforMore.com.

4. I understand I cannot sell my diabetes supplies that have undergone liquid damage, have been tampered with, or have been otherwise altered.

5. If supplies do not meet the aforementioned terms, I understand they will be donated or discarded on my behalf.

6. I am responsible for my package during shipping and Sell your Strips for More is not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged by the U.S. Postal Service.

7. I understand that shipping times vary and while most packages are delivered within a week, some packages may take longer.

8. I understand that it is illegal to sell test strips that have been paid for by medicare or medicaid.

9. I agree to transfer all right, title and interest in the supplies to Sell Your Strips for More upon the receipt and inspection of the supplies by SellYourStripsforMore.com.

10. I understand these terms and conditions can change at anytime.