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Sell Your Test Strips and get paid quickly. We pay within 24 hours of receiving your test strips.

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When you Sell Test Strips to us we notify you every step of the way.

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We are the only company that purchases all brands of test strips.

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Ranked #1 Best Place to Sell Test Strips for Cash

If you are ready to sell diabetic test strips for cash you have come to the right place. We are ranked #1 in the nation for selling diabetic test strips. We offer the highest payments for all brands. Most companies will only buy the top selling brands in mint condition. We’re different. We buy all brands and we buy damaged boxes and soon to expire boxes. Our goal is to help diabetics in need we are willing to take whatever we can get to help our community. Here are a few things that set us apart from other test strip buyers.


Unlike other companies, we never deny you payment because you sell diabetic test strips that have damage or expire too soon. If the box is sealed and not past expiration, we will buy it. Most companies offer sky high prices to lure you in, but then claim your boxes were damaged and either don’t pay or pay next to nothing. We always pay what we quote.


We pay the most! We state exactly what we pay on our website and we don’t surprise you with fees or damage discounts like other test strip buyers. You can also sell diabetic test strips that other companies don’t purchase. You can sell all brands to us.


If you are not in a location where you can sell diabetic test strips locally to us, we do provide free shipping with tracking. Once you sell diabetic test strips online you can print your shipping label directly from our website.


We are one of the few nationally accredited companies. Our seller return rate of 92% and our 5-star rating ranks us at the #1 position. Sellers choose Sell Your Strips for More to sell diabetic test strips to more than any other company nationwide.

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We Help Diabetics in Need

When you sell or donate diabetic supplies to us you help people in need. We provide diabetic supplies to people who can not afford them. We never resell to large companies or pharmacies. Get your extra diabetic supplies into the hands of someone that can use them. 

Sell Diabetic Supplies

We Buy All Brands

Our only goal is to help diabetics in need. This is why we purchase ALL brands of test strips. Unlike other companies that just purchase top brands they can resell to large companies, we purchase everything because we know we can put it to good use. Please don’t let your extra diabetic supplies go to waste, let us help you get them into the hands of someone that needs them. 

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Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

We pay the most for your diabeitc test strips and we buy all brands. Sell Test Strips to us and get the highest payouts in the industry. Unlike other test strip buyers, we always pay what we quote on our website. 

Sell Diabetic Supplies

Seller Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our sellers say:

Tammy King

This is a great test strip buyer to sell my test strips to. I got paid very quickly and they paid exactly what I was expecting.

Lauren Spokey

I used to sell diabetic test strips locally, but these guys pay a lot more for my strips and the selling process is very easy.

James Gordon

Sell Your Strips for More is an honest test strip buyer that pays exactly what they quote. Unlike other companies that claim your stuff is damaged and pay you no where near what you were quoted.

LaKora Johnson

I wanted to sell test strips near me, but the guys on Craigslist were paying half of what Sell Your Strips for More was paying. I sold to Sell Your Strips for More and am very happy.

Carole Sanders

Sell Your Strips for More pays a lot more than other test strip buyers, they pay quickly, and the staff is very helpful.

Dina Sanchez

The last company I sold to claimed I would get $30/box, but said my box had damage so instead they paid me $18. I never knew what I was going to get until my check arrive. Sell Your Strips for More never takes money away for damaged boxes. They quoted me $32/box and that is what I get every time.

Cora Robinson

I was in need of supplies and Medicare would only provide 3/day. I am Type 1 and need around 6 per day. I am disabled and can not work so I had difficulty getting my supplies. Sell Your Strips for More donates diabetic supplies to me every few months to help me get by.

Sammy Cooper

This is a great company. They  text when my package arrives so I know when I will get paid and there are never any surprises when my check comes.


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